Extra Fruity Raspberry Jam

Recipe Details

I love raspberries, fresh or in any other variation. This raspberry jam tastes very fruity because it only contains half the sugar of a standard raspberry jam.

Put the sugar in a 220 C warm oven and heat for about 10 min.

Heat the raspberries in a wide saute pan or similar until the juices are out and it's starting to boil.

Pour the sugar into the raspberries, it will dissolve very quickly, and when it has done so, put the raspberries to a rolling boil (very high boil).

Keep boiling for probably 10-15 min. until it is clearly thickening, but not really thick. You don't need to do a traditional test for setting. It will thicken up quite a bit when it cools down.
Leave to cool for about 10 min., then pour in jars.

It makes 3 not very big jars.

TIME: 15 mins. (Could be less, could be well more)

SERVING: 3 not very big jars

Temp: Medium heat


  • 1 kg raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 500g demerara sugar

Raspberries don’t set very easily, one way of changing that is adding gooseberries to the jam. Gooseberries set very easily, and they kind of accentuate the taste of the raspberries instead of overpowering them. Using 200-300g gooseberries and 700-800g raspberries works well.

Using gooseberries for a set also works really with with strawberries, which are really difficult to get to set. It can also cut down on the sugar and give a fresher taste. See Nigel Slater for a really nice recipe.

Finally using the raspberry jam recipe with blackcurrant is another easy and delicious jam. Make sure the blackcurrants have softened before putting the sugar in with them, and keep and eye on the thickening, since it’s quicker than with the raspberries.